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Wrong drive letter when trying to recover file

Thread needs solution
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I'm trying to recover a single file from my backup. The backups are on a external USB drive with the drive letter Z.

The files are in a folder, this is the path to all the backups.

Z:\Acronis Vault 

When I navigate to the folder on the drive and select the Incremental backup the resulting message always appears. I have tried specifying the location by browsing to Z:\Acronis Vault but the message always returns. What does it mean by version? Is it talking about the version of TI or the backup version?

Is there an issue with the current drive letter Z?

Possibly it used to be F a long time ago. How can I configure ATI 2021 that my backups are on the Z drive and no longer on the F? Or is this a Windows issue and I have to change the drive letter from Z back to F? If so I cannot do that as another drive has claimed that drive letter. I don't want to play around changing drive letters in Windows as it just invites disasters. I only want to recover a single file. Why does it have to be so difficult? 


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Sean, if you have ATI 2021 then not sure why this topic was created in the 2015 Forum!

The simplest method of recovering a single file from your backup image is to do so from Explorer instead of doing this via the ATI GUI Recovery panel.

Double-click on the required .tib file on your drive in Explorer which will open the file and show the contents, then navigate to where your file is located and use normal Copy & Paste controls to get the file you want.

See KB 65547: Acronis True Image 2021: how to restore files from a backup (Windows) and scroll down to the second section.

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Thanks Steve. I managed to recover the file via another method.