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2017 3.0.5573 Mac OS Client does not offer true recover feature

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I'm super disapointed that the mac client does not directly handle the recovery feature. I would have shrugged it off if I didn't have to sign in after two redirects on your new then old webapps, enter the encryption key for the backup, and then have the download time out mid download. I am having to use firefox and the downthemall download manager (an addon extension) even though your desktop explicitly launches safari (ignoring the fact that I have set Firefox as my primary browser) which doesn't have a decent download manager. Once a download times out with safari's download manager it cannot be resumed. So I am now having to download my entire recovery backup folder by folder, and for folders with generally large contents 1GB or larger, file by file.

To top it all off I can't even see the size of different folders or their contents. I just have to go by memory basically or filename/ extension and hope that the download through the browser doesn't fail and that I don't accidentally quit (I'm the kind that quits applications I'm not using to conserve memory/ cpu resources).

Better beef up your webapps, and more importantly your macos client. This is unacceptable for such an expensive service and software solution. I was expecting someting on the level of carboncopy, not just uploading to the cloud, but also downloading.

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Adam, thank you for bringing the attention to this feature request. We know about it, however you will hardly see that implemented in the upcoming updates for the software. I have put +1 for it in our internal system for tracking changes requests.