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2017 True Image Mac Backup types

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I setup up backup of an external drive to another external drive.  The first time it obviously backed up everything, approx. 1.1Tb.  This afternoon it started the second backup and the best I can tell is that it is doing a full backup again. The backup will take about 2.5 hours.  In effect, because I keep two sets of backups for two different external drives, Acronis will be backing up all day everyday.  

While it is very important for me to have these drives back up regularly, much of the data on the drives, primarily LightRoom directories, changes very infrequently.  It seems ilke these drives would be perfect for differential backups.  

Am I doing something wrong or am I reading the process wrong?


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Hal, welcome to these user forums.

Please see posts: 78122: Does the latest TrueImage for Mac (build 6564) support incremental backups? and 65756: Incremental backup which suggest that the default behaviour for TrueImage for Mac is to create an initial full backup file and update this file with incremental backups within the same single file thereafter.  These posts are probably from older versions of the ATIH application but look to be still valid.

(I cannot offer any further help on this question as I only have experience of the Windows product).

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Thanks Steve,

it does look like successive backups got shorter. For some reason that second backup acted like it was backing up the full 1.1Tb again but it actually failed at the very end afte boutr 4 hours. 

I have no had multiple second and third backups.  It looks like they ar far shorter on those drives where there was little change.  

At this point it looks like all is working as it supposed to. 

Thanks for your response. 

Hal II