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Acronis 2017 how to schedule backup

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I have looked through the FAQ and I cannot see where I am able to setup scheduled backups within the application. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks!

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User guide is your first stop...



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I have to say, this scheduling implementation is really terrible.

First, it isn't much of a "schedule" if it doesn't follow the SCHEDULE!

Second, this delayed (until wakeup) scheduling means that many hours or days can pass before recent work is backed-up.  This is unacceptable for a backup product.  Eg. I work all day Friday on important documents, leave for a week, expecting my 10pm backups to occur, but they don't because the Mac went to sleep, I return to find my Mac doesn't start and I now have no backups from my Friday's work.  Awful.

Third, because there is NO NOTIFICATION when a backup occurs or fails to occur, you can be out weeks or months worth of work.

This is the only backup product I've used that relies on MANUAL intervention to perform AUTOMATIC SCHEDULED backups!  I don't think Acronis truly understands reliable backup scenarios and strategies.  Time to go elsewhere...

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I haven't used Acronis on a Mac in a couple of years, so I'm not the most experienced to answer.  I'd definitely open a support ticket with Acronis directly though and send feedback to them as well.

HOWEVER, Time Machine does not wake up a sleeping Mac to do backups either.  So, the behavior is exactly the same as this looks more like a sleep limitation of Macintosh system.

From my Mac experience, when the system is asleep, unless you give it physical input, it stays asleep. Why not set a wake timer in MacOS (or OSX to wake it before the scheduled backup time - this is a setting available on Mac's)  (this is also suggested in this Time Machine forum thread: 

If that is not waking up the computer either, you may need to try some of the Apple suggestions regarding power settings and sleep.

If your Mac is switched off or it is in the sleep mode when the scheduled time comes, the backup will run the next time the Mac starts or when it wakes up.

I also wonder, why not manually kick off a backup at the end of the day before it goes to sleep?  If you know you're on your way out at a certain time, schedule it to run then, or manually kick it off as you head out the door and lock the screen.  If your data is that important, it's worth it.  


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Thanks for you reply.

With Power Nap enabled, Time Machine backups do occur.  See attached image, and also:

RE: "I also wonder, why not manually kick off a backup at the end of the day before it goes to sleep?"

This entirely defeats the idea of automated backups - they become manual backups, and rely on user intervention.  Good, reliable, robust backup software does not require manual triggering - that's just bad design. 

RE: "If you know you're on your way out at a certain time, schedule it to run then, or manually kick it off as you head out the door and lock the screen.  If your data is that important, it's worth it."

If your data is important, trust reliable software, not a fallable human (who routinely forget things, who may have had to rush to pick up the kids, who may have to race out of town due to an emergency, etc.).




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Glad the power nap option works. If there are sleep limitations that prevent other MacOS embedded software, like time machine, from being able to wake up the system, I wouldn't expect third party apps to fair any better. The is wake on schedule has been a work around for as long as I can remember in OS X. Mac sleep has been problematic for other apps as well because it usually requires physical action to get out of sleep mode. This is why their apps like caffeine to emulate mouse movement to keep systems from going to sleep. 

You can fault Acronis for this if you want, but since Time Machine, a native MacOS backup application, has the same limitation/behavior, I would place the limitation on the OS here instead.

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MrC wrote:

Third, because there is NO NOTIFICATION when a backup occurs or fails to occur, you can be out weeks or months worth of work.

Hi MrC,

You can configure email notifications about backup status as follows.

Thank you, 

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There is no reason why I need to sign into your system to have my system send me an email when its backups are completed.

I've signed out of your system, because I don't need it.  I did this after getting the constant NAG reminders every single day that my Acronis True Image account is going to expire in 30 days, 29 days, 28 days, etc, etc. etc.  I can't turn this garbage OFF.  I'm not using, and won't use your cloud service, yet Acronis keeps pestering me.  Totally uncool, and focused entirely on your business revenue generation goals, not my prefererred way of working.  Its OBNOXIOUS!

As to Bobbo_3C0X1's comment above, I already showed that Time Machine backups on OS X WILL occur during sleep when Power Nap is enabled, and yet, he completely ignored that data.

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PowerNap is designed to work directly with MacOS and specifically states it's compatible with TimeMachine.  I didn't completely ignore your comment - I said above that I'm glad it worked for you, but I'd not a developer or Acronis employee - I'm an MVP = volunteer (a forum user like you).

Perhaps Acronis can use powernap as well in future releases - I suppose that's really a matter of whether or not MacOS makes this feature avaialble to third party apps or not.  Specifically though, Apple says it is compatible with only the following - note that they are all MacOS specific tasks related to other MacOS components like TimeMachine, embedded mail, iCloud, etc..  Nowhere does it mention third party app support though.

How Power Nap works on your Mac

Power Nap allows your Mac to perform useful activities while it's asleep.

What does Power Nap do?

If your Mac supports Power Nap, these activities can occur while your Mac is asleep:

  • Mail receives new messages.
  • Contacts keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
  • Calendar receives new invitations and calendar updates.
  • Reminders keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
  • Notes keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
  • Documents stored in iCloud keep up to date with changes made on other devices.
  • Photo Stream keeps up to date with changes made on other devices.
  • Find My Mac updates the location of the Mac, so you can find it while it's asleep.
  • VPN on demand continues working so that your corporate email updates securely. (Power Nap supports VPN connections that use a certificate to authenticate, not VPN connections that require entering a password.)
  • Mobile Device Management can remotely lock and wipe your Mac. 

And these activities can occur while your Mac is asleep and plugged in to an AC power outlet:

  • Software updates download.
  • Mac App Store items (including software updates), download in the background.
  • Time Machine performs backups.
  • Spotlight performs indexing.
  • Help Center content updates.
  • Wireless base stations can wake your Mac using Wake on Wireless.

During Power Nap, your Mac plays no system sounds, including the Play Sound or Send Message feature of Find My Mac

If your Mac has a hard drive (HDD) or a Fusion drive, you might hear sounds from the drive as it comes on during a Power Nap update, during operation, and when the drive turns off. You have the option to turn Power Nap off.

When Power Nap is turned on, your computer might be warm to the touch, even if it's sleeping. If your Mac exceeds a predefined temperature, Power Nap operations are suspended so that your Mac doesn't overheat. When your Mac wakes up, it’s ready to go.

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Hello MrC,

According to the user guide, backups are not missed, they start automatically on wakeup. If that does not happen - let us help you, open a Support Ticket.

Acronis True Image 2017 for Mac Update 2, released this Tuesday, stops notifying you about expiring Cloud subscription after you close the notification message for the second time. No more nags!

The old method of sending email notifications, the one that you request, assumes that Acronis software running on your computer, connects to your email service provider and asks it to send an email to the indicated address. You are in charge of setting up your computer environment to allow that to happen and keep the parameters of SMTP connection up-to-date in the software settings.

The new method, the one you are concerned about and that requires you nothing but simple login to Acronis account fully puts all the hassle related to configuring email notification settings and maintaining them up-to-date onto Acronis.

We have been receiving lots of complains when users did not know the correct SMTP server connection settings or knew them partially, the required ports were closed by client-side firewall and other security-related settings were blocking successful connection to the email provider's SMTP server from users' computers. Absolutely all these concernes were addressed by hosting the sender application on Acronis servers rather than on clients' computers. Now you just enter the email address where you want the notifications to be sent to and that's it - start enjoying automatic reporting service, fully hosted, configured and taken care by Acronis servers.



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Will you implement the backup during sleep mode thing? Because otherwise the whole concept is just a half baked thing. I work all day and go to bed. In that time my mac should be backuped, like my Time Machine does. It would be great if i also could enable notifications in macOS. When it starts and/or finishes the backup. An Email is a nice option, but Id prefer notifications, like in Copy Cloner.

I just subscribed and give it a go, and hope you try to improve the mac version … Thanks.

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Hi -

I too find the scheduling a bit "off" on the Mac.  One option that seems to be working (initial testing) is to go to the Mac system prefs and set the Mac to wakeup at 4am.  The OS will only wake the Mac up if it is plugged in (i.e. i left it on my desk at home) and will NOT wake it up if it is unplugged (i.e. its in my travel bag). Now that the Mac is away, the backup will kick off at 4:35am ...  eventually the Mac will go back to sleep on its own.