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Acronis Tray Monitor Internet Activity

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Recently I noticed that my Internet usage had dramatically increased and I can see constant data being downloaded to my computer in the control pages provided by my ISP. I am unsure what incidental activity on the computer might have triggered this as I recently upgraded to MacOS Mojave and also Acronis True Image 2019. However, I noticed in Activity Monitor that the Acronis Tray Monitor process was constantly clocking up received packets and killing this immediately stopped the download activity.
Does anyone know why this process should be downloading so much data and how can I prevent it restarting?
Acronis True Image 2019 for Mac Version 23.3.14170
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I've opened a case with support and await their findings.

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Hello Andrew,

Difficult to guess without analyzing the logfiles from the affected Mac, so I'd recommend waiting for the results of investigation. Please share the results with us. If any assistance is needed, let me know. 

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Hello Andrew,

Acronis Monitor does the following actions which are connected with the traffic that you see in the Activity monitor:

- communicates with Acronis Active Protection (local traffic);

- communicates with the Acronis True Image console (local);

- checks license activation (network);

- verifies whether the new version is available once a day (network);

- verifies free space in the Acronis Cloud (network).

I have checked the statistics on my machine - for a week of Mac uptime Acronis Monitor has sent/received around 22 MB of data.

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Hello Renata.

Thanks for your comments on the Monitor activities, 22MB is indeed a very reasonable amount of traffic for one week.

I am still in dialogue with Support and they have asked today for a Wireshark trace which I hope to do later this afternoon.


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An update. This issue was sent to the Testers to try and replicate, but they could not do so and the problem has been archived in the hope of a fix in a future release. In the meantime I have completely rebuilt my system to eradicate any detritus from past versions of the OS which may have been left behind. Encouragingly, the issue has not returned thus far!