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Acronis True Image For Mac - Backup fails after 2 seconds

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(I'm new to navigating this forum.  I apologize if I've placed this post in the wrong forum.  I went to the Acronis True Image for Mac forum and clicked "create new topic".  I hope this new post lands in that forum.)


I recently bought a new Mac mini after 25+ years of using a PC.  I installed Acronis True Image 2018 because I had installation available.on my license.  I tried to set a simple backup of my main SSD to one of my externals.  The backup lasts about 2 seconds and then produces a really huge log file.  I would love to attach the log file but I don't know enough about the Mac yet to figure out where it's stored.  When I open it, it comes up in something called "console".

I feel bad being so green on this, especially after many years of using it, trouble-free, on my PC.  I know there are a lot of variables and I don't know which ones are important.  My SSD is 1TB.  I have 2 external drives.  The one that I wanted to backup TO is formatted in APFS and so is the SSD for that matter.

If it helps any, I inadvertently installed a trial of the new Cyber Protect before I realized I still had an open license for True Image 2018.  The same kind of problem happened with it, too.  The backup only lasted a few seconds and then failed. So it appears that it is something with my Mac setup since the problem happens in both versions.

Is there any way someone here could help me with this problem?  Would the log help?  Do you know where I can locate it, or is there a way I can find out?

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Acronis Support
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Dear Steve,
Can you please provide us more details, like what error exactly is it and the system report?
You can send Acronis System report using the Feedback option in the product: Please let us know when the feedback is sent, so that we can find it in our internal system.

Also, we would recommend to test it on the latest trial version of our product.