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Any way to save the current drive image on brand new Mac mini?

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I have a brand-new Mac mini I've not yet powered-up, and wonder if there is any way with a Mac, like there is for a new PC, to save an image copy of the SSD before I go thru initial setup.

With a PC I would either pull the drive and make an image copy with another PC (easiest) or go into BIOS and set a bootable Acronis drive as the startup drive and use it to make the image.

Any way to do that on a Mac? Or is the only way to use ATI 2020 for Mac is to get the Mac set-up and running, install ATI2020, and then make a backup from there?

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Hello TomF,

welcome to Acronis forums! Unfortunately, the only way would be installing Acronis True Image onto the Mac and creating copy then. Apple does not allow the bare-metal copies, hence a bootable media could be only used to recover a Mac not for imaging. 

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Well, better late than never Ekaterina. Thank you for clarifying.