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Apple MAC Error 0x40011 Can't read slices

Thread needs solution
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Dear Community,

I have trouble with Acronis 2020 on Mac OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6.

When I try to backup my mac at start everything seems to be OK. But when the backup reaches 90% to 95% the following error occurs.

020-05-06T10:03:37:503+02:00 140735156527104 E00000000: Can't read slices: Error 0x40011: Die spezifizierte Datei existiert nicht.

On the console: Misc error while local file io

After that the backup job restarts automatically.

What is the problem? Thanks in advance.


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Hello Lars,

sorry for the delayed response! What target location is used for backups here? Is this some network share? Could you also send us Acronis system report from the Mac in questions using the Feedback option

Thank you!