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Archives on MacOS quastions

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I recently purchased a 3 systems key to use on a windows PC and two Macs. After reading the help files and searching the web I still don’t understand the archive feature. First of all, when I archive a bunch of files Acronis menu shows a smaller archive size than the actual created tia file. Why? Also, what’s the use of archiving if no compression is achieved on the Mac? Wouldn’t it be easier and safer to just move the files manually to external hard drive or elsewhere? Why risk converting them into tia format and not be able to open them on windows or even on future versions of true image?

Also, I still don’t understand the difference between an archive and a backup. Both provide no compression on Mac. Final note; can I move the tia file to a different location manually or I have to do it using true image app?

Thank you

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Hello Adam,

thank you for your posting! Archiving is useful mostly in terms of automation - big amounts of data can be automatically moved to a remote location while you keep the links to the data and can access it any time.