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ATI 2017 for Mac on Mojave

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Hi. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro 15in that has recently been upgraded to Mojave. ATI has been working okay on the previous operating system, but now doesn't seem to work. 

I can open the Dashboard and am trying to set up a new backup as I presume that the old one with a different operating system will not be compatible. I cannot see the Macintosh HD to back it up. The only drive that ATI can see is the external hard drive MacData3 that I want to put the image onto. 

This makes me wonder if ATI 2017 is compatible with Mojave. Can you advise please?

Kind regards


PS, I have tried to upload a screenshot of the windows that are being used to show you what I am looking at, but can't get it to upload. Trying first time round crashed the window and the program. 

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Hello Kevin,

welcome to Acronis forums! Mojave (10.14) is officially supported starting with Acronis True Image 2019