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ATI 2020 application corrupt - won't install

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Having installed the latest version of OS X a few hours ago I was greeted to a message from ATI 2019 saying that it was now incompatible. This prompted the purchase of ATI 2020. When installing ATI 2020 it fails installation claiming that the application is corrupted. I have download the install file a couple of times from the Acronis website but no change. What is going on here?

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Did you check that the downloaded file has the same weight as the one that is provided in the account?

According to the description, it seems that it does not download fully. Please, try to downloaded from another browser as well to check.

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I have the same problem - tried the download a few times on Safari, than with another browser. The result is always the same: Installtion is not possible. Could it be that the offered file is corrupted?


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Hello Marcel

does the issue still persists?