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ATI 2020 for Mac - Cloud Backup

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Is the Cloud Backup either 1) compressed or 2) a copy of the Acronis Backup on my external drive? 

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As far as I am aware there is no documentation on how backups are stored on the Acronis servers. There is no setting for compression of Cloud backups in the ATI interface (at least in the Windows version, I have never used the Mac version).

The only case where it would be a copy of local backup is when you have created a replicate. In that case I would assume it uses the compression used for the local backup: the ATI 2020 (Windows user guide) has the following information about replicate:

Replication is not activated by default. You can activate it for any local backup of a disk, partition or entire computer that uses the local destination (to an external or internal disk) that you configured in Acronis True Image 2020 or higher. You can activate the replication in a special tab of a backup plan.

Hope this helps.

PS What version and build of ATI for Mac are you using.