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ATI 2020 for MAC: Possible workaround for multiple full backups?

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Per a previous post I now understand that ATI 2020 for MAC is designed to do one full backup and incrementals after that. That's far too limiting IMO. Backup schemes REALLY need to be added to this product to match the functionality you have in ATI 2020 for Win10. BUT in the meantime can I do this?... Start a new backup. Then let it do incrementals for the rest of the week. THEN at the end of the week either rename the backup file OR move it to another sub-directory. Then will ATI 2020 for MAC create a new full backup to start the next week (since it won't be able to find the previous one)? And would there be any ramifications to doing this if I needed to restore my MacBook Pro to a previous backup at some point? Would I just rename the backup file back the way it was, or move it back to where it was and then ATI would find it? Or is this going to break the way ATI works? Thanks in advance for more insight on this - Mark

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