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ATI19 will not pop up the dashboard window on MAC Mojave in standard-user mode

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hello there

while loged in as Standarduser, it is not possible to get the dashboard up and work.

Acronis TI is up and shows its running icon on the top of OSX-screen. Klicking on the icon shows 4 options: open ATI, Active protect., prozess administr and help. (German version here, may other descriptions)

The only option that works is help.

When loged in as admin, everything worked well.

Which file / app is involved?

How can i set ATI19 to run with admin privileges under  a nonadmin standard-user?

It looks, that ATI is running (in the background?) because in standard-user the ATI-icon is active too. The problem is to get access to the ATI activities (dashboard)


any ideas?

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Hello HGS,

Being logged as admin is a requirement for Acronis True Image to work correctly: (see General Requirements at the bottom)