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Backup broken

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Hello everybody,

I got a problem and I have no more clue how to fix it. I'm using True Image 2020 on my Macbook Pro on Cataline 10.15.4.

Short info upfront:
I'm backing up my data 2 times:

1) TimeMachine to TimeCapsule
2) True Image 2020 to QNap TS-251+ with 2 disks in Raid 1


I cannot tell when it started, but about 6 months or even longer my backups are broken on a regular basis.
I have no issue with the Backups done by TimeMachine, only the Acronis Backups break on a regular basis.
The application will discontinue to do any backups after it failed, the only solution to get it back up my data again is to delete the previous broken backup - this is not the reason why I'm using a dedicated backup software for having to throw away my data because the software will not do anything.
Sorry for my language, but I'm really frustrated now as no further update or anything seemed to help.
My assumption now is that the backup breaks whenever I shutdown my Macbook while a backup is running. But I don't want to check for that - a software who's main purpose is to do backups should be able to handle that kind of common situation. Also when doing backups and the network connection might get unstable that shouldn't cause a backup file to be corrupt afterwards.

Did anybody of you face similar issues and have you been able to resolve them?
Right now, I'm getting really sick because of that. I'm using acronis since 2012 or even longer and never had any issues with it like I do now.

Thanks for your thoughts and hope I'm not the only one having those issues.


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Thomas, welcome to these public User Forums.

Not sure why your topic has come to the 'Off Topic' forum when it really should be in the Acronis True Image for Mac Forum where other Mac users may be able to provide better help and/or advice to assist with understanding this problem.

I am not a Mac user, so any comments offered here are coming from a Windows perspective!

All ATI 2020 Backup tasks create log files that contain messages about the progress or issues encountered in those tasks, so you really need to review those logs to see if these can help identify why your tasks 'break' after running successfully for a time.

See KB 49484: Acronis True Image: Finding and Analyzing Logs which has a section covering this for Mac users.

The above KB document focuses on the ti_demon logs which have been the default for backups on all earlier versions of ATI, but you should also check to see if you have backup_worker logs in the ATI 2020 for Mac application, as these are what are now used in Windows for all Disk backup tasks and hold the most detailed diagnostic information whereas the ti_demon logs just contains a brief outline of activities!

Terminating any backup activity when it is executing is never a good idea as can leave files in a corrupted state.  The ATI 2020 for Windows application has options in the Advanced Settings panel to help with this situation covered by the Computer Shutdown page of the manual, but I cannot find any indication that these options are offered in the Mac version!

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Hi Steve,

thanks for your response!
I'll definitely check the logs when the issue happens again and give an update here - for now I didn't find any remaining logs there.
So I went ahead again by deleting the ATI backup and having it creating it from scratch again.

Sadly seems like the Mac version doesn't have any option to specify stopping backups on shutdown or providing me the possibility to shutdown the mac after the backup has been completed.


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Hi again,
I just wanted to provide an update on this:

It just happened again! No way to recover from this state - sorry guys, but this is definitely not what I expect from a dedicated backup software. I have no such issues with my TimeMachine + TimeCapsule backup and never had it. With TrueImage I have it regularly about once every 2-3 months where I have to throw away my backup. That does not meet my idea behind making backups.
Seems like I have to look for alternatives, I'm fed up with this s***. For me it looks like the only customer base they care about is using Windows.