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Backup extremly slow on MacBook Pro with latest macOS Sierra

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Tried to run a backup of my MB Pro to an USB 3.0 drive. Amount of data 385GB; after an hour (and 10GB backuped) Acronis told me that remaining time is 1d 1hr!

This cant be true. About ten times slower then Time Machine.

Any ideas? Or did I waste my money?

To add, just tried Carbon Copy Cloner, which did it in 1:55 hrs.Screenshot at Juni 30 22-57-49.png

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What sort of an external drive do you have? Sometimes you might be limited by the actual physical drive that is inside. 

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I have a similar problem. I'm trying to back up my iMac* to a local USB 3.0 drive with 1.36 TB of free space, and it's telling me it will take 4 days!!!!!!! ATI 2015 on my old Macbook took about 4 hours for a full backup of about the same size!

Please, we need answers! Can someone from Acronis explain why your Mac backups are taking impossibly long?

[*ATI 2018 reports the amount to be backed up on my iMac as 1.18 TB, but that must be including the file-types I have told it to exclude, like my Windows virtual machine. I previously started it without any exclusions, and it reported the same backup size, i.e. 1.18 TB.]

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Hello Steve,

I haven't found any known performance issues on Mac in our internal sources, so it's definitely worth raising a support ticket, where our support engineers can analyse the log files from your system and escalate the issue to the development if necessary. 

Thank you,