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Backup of a folder on my NAS drive fails - ~/Library/Saved Application State/ cannot be found

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I've tried to backup a folder on my NAS drive which i see backing up many hundreds of GB before it eventually fails with a local file not found. Any hint what could be wrong? Backing up a USB drive works, though.


2023-02-07T04:45:02:734+01:00 8227291392 W00170814: Error 0x170814: Das Element '/Users/[my user]/Library/Saved Application State/' kann nicht gefunden werden oder es ist im Augenblick unzugänglich.

The element '...' cannot be found or is temporarily not accessible - - - well, it is available and accessible to me?!

Attaching the error log

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Hello Ingo.

Please try the following:

- Reboot the NAS.

- Make sure the folder is not being locked by another process, this may be the reason of the failure.

- The error message suggests that the element '/Users/[my user]/Library/Saved Application State/' could not be found or was inaccessible at the time. There could be a few potential reasons for this error, such as a problem with the file system or permissions on the affected directory. It may be worth checking that the directory exists and that the appropriate permissions are set for the user account in question.

If the issue persists, feel free to reply here or contact our support .