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Backup Schemes for B/U to External Drive

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Running OSX 10.11.6 on a 2012 MacBook Pro.  

Am i missing something?  I purchased Acronis True Image 2017 yesterday.  When I set up a new backup, there is no "Options" button, therefore, apparently no way to control anything except scheduling.  I'd like to set backup schemes for my backups to an external drive, but can not find a way.  The "Options" button was available on the trial version, but after purchase, not so much.    

Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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Just FYI regarding cloud backups - there are no backup schemes when backing up to the Cloud.  It uses a delta scheme all the time - only backing up changes/differences since the last backup - to include whether or not a backup has completed.  It always scans the disk, compares to what's in the cloud and backs up any existing changes.  

As far as I know, the Mac version, only backs up in full (I don't have 2017 Mac version though) - I don't see any reference to incremental or differential schemes in the documentation.

You can always reach out directly to technical chat support for more assistance as well:

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Thanks.  It's a little disappointing that the Mac version doesn't support differential and incremental backups to the external drive.  Makes space management more challenging.  Acronis, like so many other S/W companies, doesn't do a good job of making clear the differences in the Mac & Window versions of their products.  I had investigated, but apparently not thoroughly enough.  Ah well, an inconvenience, certainly.  Not a disaster!

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Hello Dixie,

Thank you for pointing this out! We have a comparison table in Acronis True Image 2017 on Mac: FAQ article, but it doesn't contain detailed infromation on separate backup options like backup versioning. I'll raise this with the team and see if we could update the article. 

Currently it's not possible to change a backup scheme, by default the first backup version contains all the data selected for backup. The second and subsequent versions contain only data changes that occurred since the previous backup version. All the backup versions are stored in a single backup file.

Thank you!