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Backup Task not finishing [Aronis True Image Mac]

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My automated Backups to Synology seem more and more less reliable. Just a few weeks ago I had to setup a new task because Acronis told me the Backup is damaged (I got a weird Windows related error even I'm on Mac). Now it doesn't finish backup tasks and it looks again, as if it has problems to talk to the NAS. Progress bar acts normal until it is 100% and it gets stuck at "Less than 1 minute".When I pause it says it can't access the file but Synology acts normal and I can use it in Finder as well as for other network tasks.

The fact, that the whole backup process runs (it's copying files to the NAS) and it just can't finish also proves, that it can talk to the NAS. Not sure what's happening here but I it doesn't seem reliable at all at this time.

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Hello Christian,

sorry to know that you've faced issues with our software! I'd recommend raising a support ticket for investigation, because hanging processes always require the in-depth analysis of log files, which can be done with the help of the support team. Please let me know the ticket ID, so that I can keep an eye on the investigation progress.