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BUG: macOS True Image can't configure multiple backups to two shares on one server

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  • macOS 10.14.2 (Mojave)
  • Acronis True Image 2019 23.4.17000
  • Synology NAS


  • On Synology NAS create two shares with the same owner, eg "acronis" and "acronis-weekly", each with a disk space quota
  • In Acronis True Image, create a backup job that targets "acronis" and authenticate as requested.
  • After authenticating twice, ATI will allow the user to select the mounted share as a backup destination
  • In ATI, create a second backup job that targets "acronis-weekly" and authenticate as requested.


  • After authenticating twice, the user should be able to select "acronis-weekly" as a backup destination


  • After authenticating twice, ATI fails to mount the second backup destination. The destination cannot be selected.


  • The problem does not occur if the machine is rebooted before adding the second share, or if the first share is manually unmounted.
  • The disk space quota may not matter. I included it only because I didn't test without one.
  • The problem did not occur when configuring two different backup destinations in one session where the destinations are on different NAS servers.


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Hello Brian,

Wow, thank you for such a structured report!

Forwarded it to our QA to see if we can reproduce it locally.

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Brian, we have reproduced it. Will try to include the fix into one of our next releases.

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Thank you.

I have also found that even after both backup jobs have been created, ATI will fail to mount one share if a previous run of a backup job mounted the other share.