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Cannot Restore "Using Recovery Media" Keep getting error message

Thread needs solution
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Error Message i get:

Failed to open backup [my file path here]. Make sure the backup location is accessible and contains all versions of the backup. This backup may also be corrupted.

This sucks.  This is the first time i have ever needed to use this option with the recovery media and now i cannot recover my OS because of this. And of course i have no way to get support from Acronis unless i pay for it. How come i have a product that i pay for and it doesn't work the way it supposed to.

NOTE i also created a brand new backup on my other computer and i get the same error. Is this a way to get you to pay for an upgrade or something? Any out there can you help me?

Ver. 2015 on Mac Yosemite


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Chris, I would contact technical support.  This should be a free support case.  With all backup products, it is a good idea to test a recovery prior to really needing to do so in a realworld situation.  Doesnt' help now, but something you should do in the future. 

Where are you storing the backup - network or external drive?  If on the network, perhaps you can copy it to an external drive and test from there to rule out a network issue.  

How did you create the recovery media - disc or USB flash drive?  If you can, use a USB flash drive formatted as OS X journaled and see if that helps.

Have you run disk utility to check the disk integrity of the drive where your backups are stored? Disk Utility (Yosemite): Repair a disk


18623: How to get Technical Support: Tips, Tricks and Useful Information


5.    Recovery issue
- Related to recovery issues with the full version of the product
- Free of charge
- 24x7
- Not limited (Assistance with the recovery issue can be requested any time, even if you’re out of 30 days free support and don’t have PPI)
- Provided with e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

If you have trouble opening a chat case, start it while not logged in to your account and select "customer care" >>> "other" to get the chat started.