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Cleanup doesnt work

Thread needs solution
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Im trying TI2020 before I buy this and most of the things I like.

But one critical thing that has to work is the cleanup settings which doesn't work at all for me.

Im trying both the maximum nr of versions and the delete older versions than a certain time. Neither work. It fills up my backup source and then don't do any more backups cos source is full. Even if i have deleted files from the source and it should delete older versions. And i cant either delete older versions manually (like in windows version), so the only thing to do is to completely delete the backup project and start over, which isn't accepteble.

I read an old topic here from TI2019 that people complained about the maximum version of 20 and that these was increased in 2020 til 999. This option I don't have. I still have maximum of 20. And in my "test version project" i have this settings at maximum 3 version, and now I'm up at 37 versions (picture). 

I have a case open about this and waiting for an answer. But maybe anybody else can bring some light over this.

Im on True Image 2020, ver 24.6.25760

Mac Os X 10.12.6

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Hello Lucas,

sorry to know about the issue! Are you creating a disk-level or file-level backup here? As per the records in our internal system, there is a known issue in the product, which affects cleanup in the backups of Files and Folders.