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creating separate files for incremental backups

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i am a longtime user of ati and recently purchased ati 2018 for mac. i have a large (5tb) external drive connected by thunderbolt3 that i am trying to back up weekly. the initial full backup takes up about 1.5tb, with incrementals being about 200GB/week. my experience with ati for windows has been excellent and i regularly recommend it to others.

one issue i immediately have is the bundling of all backups into a single archive. with ati for windows each backup (full/incremental/differential) is stored separately. i will often copy backups for archive and with ati for mac i have to copy the whole backup to have an archive. this means moving >1.5tb for each archive session and >1.5tb storage for these, although each weekly backup is only a ~200gb incremental. to be clear- with this arrangement maintaining an archive for a month used to be 1500gb + (3x200) = 2100gb (or 2.1tb). now it is >6tb. for two months it is 2.9tb vs 12tb, for three months 3.7tb vs 18TB. at that point the maximum of 20 backups within ati 2018 for incrementals hasnt even been hit.

is there a particular reason this methodology was used? while it may seem more efficient using a single archive (or more like apple's time machine) it is radically less efficient for moving and storing these archives. in addition, faulty or unwanted backups cant be removed/deleted. is there a way to break out each of the incrementals so they can be copied/archived/deleted easier and more efficiently?

thanks in advance,


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Hello jaschoon,

Welcome to Acronis forums and thank you for your posting! Your use-case is clear, however not possible in Acronis True Image for Mac due to the current archive architecture. We've passed your feedback to the product team. 

Thank you!