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Deleted True Image backups from external drive without having Acronis software any more

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I used Acronis for years, but I now have a new iMac OS High Sierra. I would prefer to use the in-built Time Machine back up utility, but I can't delete the backups of my old PC from the Buffalo external drive (e.g. there's no option on right click of a backup folder to delete).

My licence with Acronis has expired so I no longer have the Acronis software to help me. Can anyone advise, otherwise I'll need to get a new external drive, but I also don't want to leave all that data on an external memory?

Many thanks

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Hello Peter,

welcome to Acronis forums! Basically you don't need Acronis software installed on your Mac to be able to delete or move backup archives. They can be modified outside the software like any other data. I suspect there might be likely a permissions issue with accessing the data on your external drive. Take a look at  I've found