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Does not see G|Raid Drives

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I just installed Acronis True Image 2017 on my MacBook Pro.  All I want to do is to backup my G|RAID 8tb drive from G-Technology with all my photos to a 2nd G|Raid 8tb drive.  The 1st thing I discovered is that this software does not see the G|Raid drives when I try to select a source disk.  I can go to the Files and Folders section and see the drives and select a source/destination and launch.  The 2 drives are daisy chained on the tunderbolt buss.  The software starts fast but withnin a couple minutes the software bogs down to a crawl.  I finally stopped it when it was up to 2 days remaining.  What am I missing?  Is this software just not compatable?  

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Hello Norman,

The software cannot backup data from RAID of any kind, but can store backup archives there.

Supported backup sources and destinations are listed at



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Hi Slava, 

That’s a big disappointment to me. :-(( Never seen such a serious limitation. Does it work in Acronis 2018 (use 2017)? Does it work in Windows? 


Kind regards


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Hello Matthias,

Acronis True Image 2018 on Windows supports RAID arrays of any kind, see 

A Mac version still doesn't support RAID and Apple RAID as backup source.