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Downloading iPhone library from cloud back up

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Hey Mac users. I recently rolled back from Big Sur to Catalina after a terrible update. I restored from an old Time Machine backup successfully. I'm missing photos taken between the time I made that back up until now. The simplest way of updating them would be to pull down my photo library from my Acronis True Image cloud back up. But what file or folder should I be looking for?

I see one called PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary that's approximately the right size, but it keeps timing out on download (it's about 40GB). Any ideas?


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Hello Ruth,

sorry to know about the issue! I'm afraid the only workaround would be downloading the data in the chunks of a smaller size. Alternatively, you may want trying to download the folder from a machine with the access to a faster connection. If the issue persists, I'd recommend raising a support ticket for investigation.