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Error 0x4000d: The file is corrupted.

Thread needs solution
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Please help.

Acronis TrueImage for Mac 2019 backup fails and reports:


2019-01-14T15:00:27:607-05:00 4690941376 I00000000: -----
2019-01-14T15:00:27:607-05:00 4690941376 I00000000: ATI Demon started. Version:
2019-01-14T15:00:27:626-05:00 4690941376 I013C0006: 92C9A479-FEA5-4CE2-9974-272B03F479B0
2019-01-14T15:00:27:640-05:00 4690941376 I00640002: Operation Peter’s MacBook Pro (3) started manually.
2019-01-14T15:00:28:894-05:00 4690941376 I013C0000: Operation: Backup
2019-01-14T15:00:28:896-05:00 4690941376 I013C0000: Backup type: hybrid (disk level)
2019-01-14T15:00:28:897-05:00 4690941376 I013C0000: Destination: /Volumes/PeterMacBookProBkp/Peter’s MacBook Pro (3).tib
2019-01-14T15:00:28:899-05:00 4690941376 I013C0000: Operation: Consolidation
2019-01-14T15:00:28:900-05:00 4690941376 I0064000B: Priority changed to Low.
2019-01-14T15:00:31:287-05:00 4690941376 I00000000: Parallels Desktop version 14.1.0-45387 installed
2019-01-14T15:00:31:287-05:00 4690941376 I00000000: Backup up using Backup API
2019-01-14T15:00:34:165-05:00 4690941376 I00000000: PD Virtual Machine found: /Users/Peter/Documents/Parallels/Windows 10.pvm/
2019-01-14T15:13:03:555-05:00 4690941376 E0004000D: Error 0x4000d: The file is corrupted.
| trace level: error
| line: 0xb90ce18e7de8007c
| file: /private/bs_hudson/workspace/master/621/product/core/file/filesys/fat.cpp:1734
| function: Read
| line: 0xb90ce18e7de8007c, /private/bs_hudson/workspace/master/621/product/core/file/filesys/fat.cpp:1734, Read
| $module: ti_demon_macia64_17000
2019-01-14T15:13:03:748-05:00 4690941376 W00170803: Error 0x170803: Operation has been aborted.
| trace level: warning
| line: 0xbe4a335cc601f5e5
| file: /private/bs_hudson/workspace/master/621/product/archive/ver2/file/operation.cpp:61
| function: PrepareError
| line: 0xbe4a335cc601f5e5, /private/bs_hudson/workspace/master/621/product/archive/ver2/file/operation.cpp:61, PrepareError
| $module: ti_demon_macia64_17000
2019-01-14T15:13:04:957-05:00 4690941376 E013C0005: Error 0x13c0005: Operation has completed with errors.
| trace level: error
| line: 0x9f2c53c72e8bcebf
| file: /private/bs_hudson/workspace/master/621/product/products/imager/demon/main.cpp:713
| function: main
| line: 0x9f2c53c72e8bcebf, /private/bs_hudson/workspace/master/621/product/products/imager/demon/main.cpp:713, main
| $module: ti_demon_macia64_17000

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Hello Peter,

welcome to Acronis forums! In our internal sources I see that a similar issue has been already reported to our development team, however the root cause hasn't been found yet. Some case are being resolved with the following workarounds:

- product re-installation
- new backup plan 
- exclusion of the virtual machines from the data to back up
- diagnostic and repair of the source and target drives with the help of DiskUtility 

If the above doesn't help, please raise a support ticket for the more in-depth investigation. 

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Still an issue - cannot backup

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Gary Steel wrote:

Still an issue - cannot backup

Hello Gary,

sorry to know that your backup is affected by this issue.. If the steps from my comment above didn't help, please open a support ticket for investigation, so that the issue could be escalated to the RnD. Could you also share the ticket ID here, I'll monitor the investigation progress.