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Help - ATI 2019 cloning osSierra+Bootcamp

Thread needs solution
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hi, I need help from experience user to solve my issue -

i use ATI-2019 to do cloning MBP 256 gb (macSierra+Bootcamp) to an external ssd samsung 500gb.

however ''an error occurred while cloning the disk. Error occurred while deciphering...'' i save the error log.

then trying to boot the external ssd using the same machine .  'by pressing power n option key'.  the machine recognize 4 partition showing ; 

from internal ssd machintosHD+Bootcamp,  and also from external ssd EFI BOOT+machintosHD

when choose the external>> efi boot (Bootcamp), windows keep looping and end up starting win10 from internal ssd again.

appreciate your help


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You cant start windows from external drives - at least not without some hackery. Also these forums are useless. No one seems to reply here unless it's simple like "how do eye buy aconis imagz tru"

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aaah. I was about to say the same last night. this forum is dead!.

I got this ATI mac from 2019  - but I waited till recently when i needed to do a restore/ cloning to a new drive.

I did contact the support team ATI platform however they said only provide tech-support within a year from the purchased date.  They want me to pay again to solve my issue.

Actually I have been using ATI since 2009 for windows only which is a great software.  when encounter any issue can post in the 'old' windows forum   . which was a good experience.    but not in this new ATI forum



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Would like to update for others who have issues and looking for a solution.

Have been following Acronis way to grant full access to privacy, Decrypt drive , or turn off Time Machine. still have error occurred during the last stage of finalizing ( for cloning) - the macOS partition seems just fine, only bootcamp partition 'starts' keep looping .

After spend time reading from Acronis article /forum and others  - actually this is a known issues  Acronis trying to solve by releasing new update  and Acronis article suggest to correct the issues by re-installing to latest update and check bootcamp file no corrupt. However it works for some, and not to some others perhaps . 

Acronis is just failed on me after more than several times trying to get it work.

when I use Winclone to create Image (all from the same sources ) it was successfully done without any error (did this more than 6x no error whatsoever)

If you only want to backup MacOS - Time Machine work just fine even better. (only internal drive)

for external drive - to backup/clone MacOS+ Bootcamp partition - I use CCC + Winclone = work perfectly fine without any error. 

Have a bless day to all.