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iMAC 2020 does not boot successfully from Acronis TrueImage 2021 Bootable Rescue Media

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Hello Forum

I am required to restore a unbootable Catalina based iMac 2020/2021. 

When trying to boot the "broken" iMac from the newly built Resue Media(USB), I am asked to perform a software update ("a software update is required to use this startup disk"). 

This does mean connecting the Mac in question to the internet and waiting quite a long time.

After this unexpected update was applied, I tried to boot (Command-R) the "brocken" iMAC with the ATI Bootable Rescue Media (USB), but ATI is never successully loaded (only the Apple logo is shown and a never ending progress bar)

What am I doing wrong?


Thank you very much for any feedback!



PS 1:
The original USB-stick with the ATI Bootable Rescue Media was erased after making the first backup-image, and the actual ATI Bootable Rescue Media USB stick was built on an different MAC.

PS 2:
Yes, booting from external sources is enabled on this T2 based iMac :)

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Hello Ralph,

unfortunately, there seem to be no known solutions for this issue in our internal sources, hence I'd recommend opening a support ticket for investigation. 

As a workaround, you may want letting the OS self-install and then restore application data only, and not the disk image.