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image size compared to actual size

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I just used Acronis 2016 for Mac to make a backup of one logical Mac partition and one logical bootcamp partition. THe mac Os size is about 311 Gb. The bootcamp partition OS uses 78 GB. the resultant files were one .tib file of 265 GB and one .tib metatfile of about 96 mb. How can these numbers support the conclusion that both partitions  succesfully were backed up as the software claims? 

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Yes, you can back up the Boot Camp partition along with the hard drive where Boot Camp is installed. The backup will contain all the data stored on the drive, including the Boot Camp partition.

Faq about boot camp with Acronis 2016 -

AQ about Boot Camp partition

  • How do I back up my Boot Camp partition?

    Back up the hard drive where Boot Camp is installed. The backup will contain all the data stored on the drive, including the Boot Camp partition.

  • Can I back up my Boot Camp partition separately?

    No, you can't. Acronis True Image 2016 allows you to create disk-level backups only. Back up the hard drive that contains the Boot Camp partition, instead.

  • How do I recover my Boot Camp partition?

    You can do this in the bootable media environment. At the recovery source and destination selection step, select all the listed partitions. This will recover the entire hard drive. To recover the Boot Camp partition only, select the check box next to this partition, and then clear all other check boxes.

  • Can I resize my Boot Camp partition before recovery?

    No, you can't. The Boot Camp partition remains the same size as it is in the backup.

  • What recovery destinations can I select for a Boot Camp partition?

    We strongly recommend that you recover your Boot Camp partition to itself, though you can select any recovery destination.

  • Can I recover specific files from the backed up Boot Camp partition?

    Yes, you can recover them without limitations, the same way that you would recover any other files.

  • I want to replace my hard drive with a new one. Can I clone OS X, the Boot Camp partition, and all of my data to the new hard drive?

    Yes, you can. Do the following:

    1. Back up your hard drive to an external storage media, such as Acronis Cloud, USB drive, or a network share.
    2. Turn off your Mac, and then replace your old hard drive with a new one.
    3. Boot your Mac by using Acronis bootable rescue media.
    4. Recover your Mac from the backup to the new hard drive.


Keep in mind that backup use compression by default - you can generally anticipate about 20-30% (give or take) smaller than the original drive content.  

If you want to validate your backup - restore it to an external drive - in full.  Shutdown the Mac, power up and press the option (tab) key when you hear the chime. Select the external drive MacOS (OS X) - yellow icon and see if it boots.  Then do the same for the external drive bootcamp partition.

Nothing beats a real world recovery test - just don't use yoru main hard drive to test with if all is working on it already.