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Incremental backups of Parallels VM's on external drive not working / happening correctly

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Environment is MacBook Pro running Mojave and using ATI for Mac 2019 (build 23.3.14170).

I am running Parallels VM's with some VM's located on internal storage and some on a Samsung T5 external SSD.

I have two ATI backup jobs, one for the internal SSD and one for the external T5. Both jobs are backing up to a NAS.

The backup file on the NAS for the internal SSD job works as expected and grows in size at a slow to moderate rate.

The backup file on the NAS for the Samsung T5 job grows in size by the same amount each time as the used space on my Samsung T5, i.e. around 800GB per backup, which is not sustainable. 

I can only assume that Acronis is not able to do a "changes-only" backup for the VM's on my external SSD.

Any ideas please?

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Hi jg77,

Acronis True Image backs up the whole file of a virtual machine every time the file is considered as changed, because we protect this file as a part of a Mac backup. If an Agent could be installed onto the guest OS of a PD machine, we would be able to back up changes in the system.