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os x Mojave delete old backup Acronis 2019 not possible

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System OS X Mojave 10.14.2 on a MBPro

It is not possible to delete an exist backup from the programm,or to build  a new backup .File System APFS ,backup encrypted.

I uninstalled complete program Acronis . 2019 from my MBP,new installed.The old backup is still shown,and no option to delete.I have the password i given,but deleting is not working .After Restart Acronis ,the backup again is there.So confusing sh.....

Backup was created to an external SSD.

I partionated the SSD so all Acronis Data been deleted.

Using Acronis for many years,no i can say,very bad working program in OS X  from the beginning .

Thank you Jörg


I solved the whole problem just now like this

Download the cleanup tool sh.

Run it in Terminal ,so all off the Acronis history ,and old backups and  all from the Acronis Program will be realy deleted.

Download and Install Acronis 2019 updatet testversion ,

and after install set your serial and it will work.I first backup my drive i wanted,after i off the firewall give rights to full acess on all drives for Acronis Program in the Systemconfiguration,and then (not before the SSD Backup)set the  Acronis Survival Kit.After you build the Acronis Survival Kit to your external SSD

turn the firewall on.Done

Hope this may help for other.

Nice peacefull XMAS to everybody

Regards Jörg from Berlin

Sorry my English is  not so good



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Jörg, welcome to these public User Forums.

Thank you for sharing your solution to this issue - we wish you a very happy Christmas too!