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Question: transfer ATI2021 to new macOS Monterey system

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Can I simply transfer from one system to another, using the original .tibx images created on the old system and connecting to them on the new system?

I switched from an Intel-based MacBook Pro running Catalina to an M1-based MacBook Pro running Monterey. The new system is a clone of the old one, via transfer of a full TimeMachine backup, keeping all files, settings, and applications the same.

Reason for asking:

I had an unpleasant experience earlier this year when ATI wiped an external drive with two partitions without warning, causing loss of data. If I could just remap/rename the source and keep the destination the same, it could be the safest/easiest solution.

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Hi Roland,

you can try adding the existing backups as described in… After having added the old archive you can also reconfigure the plan and change the backup source.