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Rescue Media Not Installing

Thread needs solution
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Rescue Med. not installing.

I have just installed TrueImage 17 on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.11.6. When I try to create rescue media on an 8 GB USB stick (7.5 GB available) I get the following message:

"Failed to create bootable media, because OS X Recovery does not exist or its version mismatches the OS X version. If you have OS X Recovery stored on an external hard drive, plug in that drive, and then try again."

There is no problem with the Revovery partition on my laptop. I tested it and it workd. I have used it successfuly with the Disk Warrior Recovery media and using Cmd-R on startup in the past.

Does anyone have any idea?


Many thanks

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Duplicate post answered in  Please contact support as a recovery issue for assitance. 

How to get Support?

1.    Customer Service
Related to
- Administrative license/serial number issues (lost, fails to get registered, etc.)
- Web navigation
- Download
- Promotional offer issues

- free of charge 
- unlimited
- 24x7
- provided via e-mail and chat. 
Response time:  
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

5.    Recovery issue
- Related to recovery issues with the full version of the product
- Free of charge
- 24x7
- Not limited (Assistance with the recovery issue can be requested any time, even if you’re out of 30 days free support and don’t have PPI)
- Provided with e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

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so, is there any solution for this problem?

acronis is nearly unusuable for me without boot media with acronis on it ...

what is that difficult? perhaps it can read the neccessary data from an installation image (usb-stick or dvd) ?

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Did you contact technical support for direct assistance? 

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Hello Charles, krahni, contacting Support Team would be the best course of action indeed. Additionally you can try these steps:

1) make sure that you have the latest build of the software. Download the latest build #5573 at

2) mount the Recovery HD partition manually (see commands below) and then reattempt bootable media creation

diskutil list
diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1

Replace disk0s1 here with the corresponding value from diskutil list output.