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True Image 2020 creates just one backup file

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I'm using the testversion of True Image 2020. I'm wondered because the backup is set to delete every 15th backup. But I see just one tibx file. And it looks like that the size of the backupfile isn't getting bigger.

Does True Image 2020 for mac create only one backupfile and is there any fullbackup, incremental backup or differential backup method? I can't find this option.

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I asked the support.

They said that True Image 2020 only creates incremental backups after the fullbackup under Mac. It stores a number of backups, by default 20, and after that it adjustes the backups to delete duplicate files. But it doesn't delete the first fullbackup and and doesn't recreate it.



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Alex, thank you for sharing an update! Yes, each slice in the backup chain represents a point in time to which the system or data can be restored. The first backup version contains all the data selected for backup. The second and subsequent versions contain only data changes that occurred since the previous backup version. All the backup versions are stored in a single backup file. You can also increase the number of versions stored.

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Yet it would be pretty good if we could drop unnecessary backups from the archive without starting the whole backup from the very beginning, just like with earlier Windows versions when each and every backup created a new file set.

E.g. I created a backup some days ago when I planned to update to Mac Security update 2020-005 but then by the time I finished with backup, Apple revoked the update so I no longer need the last backup in my archive any more.

Would you add this as a feature request, please? Maybe, we could drop the last X backups (a selectable value) from the archive... that should be easy to simply delete from the archive...

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