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True Image 2020 MAC - 4595520960 E00170810: Error 0x170810: Failed to enumerate directory 'EFI:/EFI/APPLE/EXTENSIONS/'.

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Long time user.

First post to forums.

Upgraded to Acronis True Image 2020 from True Image 2018.

Running MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 

Have received this error several times:

"4595520960 E00170810: Error 0x170810: Failed to enumerate directory 'EFI:/EFI/APPLE/EXTENSIONS/'. It may be corrupted or does not exist. Please check the disk for errors."

Resolved this in prior release by adding full disk access entries to privacy settings as per forum posts. Worked like a charm.

After upgrade followed new True Image 2020 drag and drop procedure. Worked once then failed several more times.

As per support notes Deleted full access entries in Privacy Settings and reapplied with drag and drop . Have done this several times and still fails.

The backup plan was created under True Image 2018 so still creating TIB file not the new TIBx.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking of deleting the old backup plan and creating a new one under True Image 2020  as a last resort. (Full backup takes 14+ hours)

Thanks in advance

Regards Dominic


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Hello Dominic,

This error does not seem to be related to Full Disk Access. Some of the drives with EFI cannot be read.

I would suggest to check it with First Aid in Disk Utility. 

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Hi Renata

Thanks for the reply.

Over the weekend I deleted the backup and created it from new, ran it  and so far no errors.

I'll run first aid just as a precautionary measure.

So thanks for your help.