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True Image and cloning Mac HDD

Thread needs solution
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I recently used the 2016 version of True Image on Windows 10 to clone the boot drive (a 256gB SSD called "Mac HD")  from my 2011 Macbook pro (running High Sierra) to a blank 500gB SSD. I selected "proportional" (after looking at "manual" and not really understanding the options). 

The cloned SSD works fine, booting up and all that. However, it only shows about 1/2 of the 500gB being available. The rest is "free space" according to Disk Utility.

I tried to use Disk Utility to expand the "Mac HD" to use the rest (about 260gB) of the "Free space". It was not sucessful. Sometimes it said that it was done. Sometimes it said it had failed. In all cases Disk Utility wound up showing that nothing had changed. 

If I try to partition the "Free Space" into a new volume, Disk Utility says it was successful, BUT then it will show that nothing has changed. 

I'm not super-familiar with the version of Disk Utility that's part of High Sierra, but I suspect the difficulty I'm experiencing might be due to something True Image did to the SSD during the cloning process ??

Thanks for any tips !


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Maybe you shouldn't do it yourself, but it's better to find someone who has already done something similar and ask them to do it together with you?