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True Image Mac 2020 Backup Super Slow

Thread needs solution
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I just started a backup, which has now been stuck for 2 hours at the Scanning... prompt. I do not have any Virus Scanner or other tools running, the network is clean (I'm backing up to Acronis Cloud) and the logs do not have any funny stuff in them.  

I have sucessfully backed up this computer several times before, although to be quite honest, I wasn't thrilled with a 15 h backup time this past go around either.  That's not acceptable.  

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Craig, I am not a Mac user, so am coming from a Windows perspective here.  I do have my own ATI 2020 backups to the Acronis Cloud so am aware of that aspect of things.

The scanning process is mainly because ATI needs to identify what data has changed since your previous backup was uploaded, which will involve reading data both locally and from the cloud.  Acronis uses a delta comparison method to identify only changed data to upload which is similar to an incremental backup but results in less data being uploaded.

The time estimates shown by ATI are very often inaccurate and you should see the time estimate come down significantly if there hasn't been any major changes to the source for the backup.

The other key factor here is you broadband / internet upload speed from your ISP, your image shows a range of upload speeds from 420Kbps to over 5Mbps, which will also influence the time remaining estimate from ATI.