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When do scheduled backups run

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if my Mac or MacBook is asleep or off, and a backup is scheduled, when does it run ?

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It should normally run when the system wakes up or after the next reboot.  


To schedule the backup:

  1. Click Settings, choose backup frequency, and then specify the start time.
    • Do not schedule

      This option turns scheduling off.

    • Daily

      The backup starts once or twice a day at the specified time or with a time interval that you select.

    • Weekly

      The backup starts every week on the selected days and at the specified time.

    • Monthly

      The backup starts every month on the selected dates and at the specified time.

  2. After you have configured all settings, click Apply.

If your Mac is switched off or it is in the sleep mode when the scheduled time comes, the backup will run the next time the Mac starts or when it wakes up.