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Acronis Drive using many GB in c:AppData

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I am backing up my mobile phone to the F: drive on my PC, where I can see it's using around 20GB of storage. That's fine, but when I look on my c: drive under "C:\AppData\Local\Acronis\Acronis Drive" I can see another 20GB of storage used with my phone data. I don't want this on my C: drive but I cannot delete it. Is Acronis somehow mounting the data from the F: drive and making system somehow think it's on the C: drive? I backup my C: drive to the cloud, I don't what an additional 20GB being uploaded if I can help it. I would be grateful if somebody can tell be how to get this off of my C: drive.

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Hello Keith,

Acronis Drive shouldn't take any additional place on C: drive, the actual data is still stored on F:  while Acronis Drive just provides access to the archives stored locally or in Cloud. Here our MVPs explain the behaviour you observe