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Acronis Mobile for Android is regularly backing up!

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For the first time, Acronis Mobile has started regularly backing up the data on my Android phone. 

It's always been set on Continuous, but I don't think it ever did a backup without me actually starting it. Until now.

Whoo hoo! 


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Hi Dave,

I do not have an Android device, so speculation here. Has there been a recent update to the Android App?

I have found the iOS device to be erratic in its backing up.

But, for the moment it looks like good news!


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Hi Ian,

I'm not sure if an update was the cause of the improvement, but it seems like a good possibility.

I'm on:

Version 5.1.9

Released Apr 6, 2021

Build 1210


I can't tell when it updated, but I do know that I almost always needed to reconnect my phone to Acronis to do a backup. If it updated in April, but I didn't reconnect it till now, that may explain the timing.