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Acronis Mobile Backup to ATI 2017 Not Reliable

Thread needs solution
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We have two phones, LG V30's.   Both have Acronis Mobile and have been connected to a home PC via the QR scan.   Both will work fine, until either of the following occurs.

Either phone is out of town, and even if its not on same WiFi, it still tries to connect.   Will try for 2 hours until manually cancelled.

If PC is off for a few days, when turned back on, neither phone on same home network can find it.  Have to rescan the QR code.  Have had to do this 3x in 3 weeks on both phones.

In summary, the Acronis Mobile backup has become more of an annoyance vs asset.   

Would appreciate any guidance since the mobile app used to be more reliable.


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Interesting, all this time and not one response?    Acronis keeps sending me email offers for ATI 2018 but if this function doesn't work, I see no reason to pay any longer.    

I did re-scan the QR code two weeks ago.  Backed up.  Then left home for a week and now it can't find the home PC anymore, even at home on WiFi.   Obviously a major bug.

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Steven, sorry that no one has responded to your topic in this forum - I don't look in here very often as I have not been using the Acronis Mobile Backup app on my Samsung Android mobile, partly for similar reasons as you have outlined.

Personally, when I have used the app, I have always changed the settings to not do any automatic backups - preferring to do any manually on demand and avoid any extra battery drain, especially when not in range of my home network.

The current ATI 2018 upgrade offers have been very good value but I doubt that you will see any differences in this area - my own last attempt never managed to get the mobile app to sign in after scanning the QR code despite being on the same network.