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Acronis Mobile backup file location on Synology NAS unknown

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I've installed on my phone Acronis Mobile and I've done a total backup of my phone data on my Synology NAS,using the NAS internal applet Acronis True Image.

I know that I can restore the data whenever I want,but I'm curious on where the backup files are stored on my NAS because I've searched the entire NAS folders and didn't find anything.

Even can be useful to recover a single file from the backup ,but I don't know the backup folder location.

Can someone help me?


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Hello Mark,

The mobile backups are stored under /usr/local/Acronis/MobileBackupServer/acronis-local-data

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Mark, welcome to these User Forums.

Please see forum post: which was in response to another user asking the same question.  I cannot find the same path on my own Synology NAS but it is also not a supported model for the mobile backup either!  You may need to look under Home or Homes folders?

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I've tested to access my nas hidden folders using Winscp to find the folder where the backup is stored...but no way to save it on my local disk.

Please think about letting choose the user to change the nas folder where to save the backup,because in this way if I want to make a backup of the file on another disk,I can't!!

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As this is a user Forum and Acronis staff do not actively monitor what is going on, I suggest that you make your suggestion using the in-App feedback on the Windows/MAC version of ATI.


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Hello Mark,

Thank you for the message! This feature is for backing up to NAS only. We will consider the option of letting the users move the backup to other NAS folders but not to any local disks.

You could do local backups of your smartphone with the help of Acronis True Image desktop application:


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Hi there,

I have a 2nd Synology NAS for offsite backup. I can backup everything except for my mobile backup data as the rSync app in the NAS doesn't see the folder for the backup. I tried to do it manually but its too complicated.

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Hello Matthew,

Welcome to Acronis community! Did I understand your case correctly, you want to sync mobile backups with rsync client to a second location and this requires a backup storage on NAS to be visible?