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Acronis Mobile Backup - love it, but need more features

Thread needs solution
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I have some questions regarding Acronis Mobile Backup 


a) Why isnt it possible to also backup documents on the device (neither Andorid or iOS)

b) I use it together with a QNAP NAS, but

- everyone that has access to the WebPage with the QR code can delete other backup sets. A profile management is required. So far I switch out the Webserver*

- everyone with a connected device to the NAS can delete backup sets. These is no workaround :-(

c) More backup options regarding

- Time, Battery, Network, etc.

d) Versioning


I hope this will come on the mobile apps.


* you should somewhere note, that the webserver needs to be enables for Acronis to run on the NAS.

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Hello John,

Thank you for your comments!

Let me answer them one by one:

a) on IOS it is the file system limitation. On Android we are planning to introduce this.

b) Unfortunately, we cannot prevent users to delete the folder with the backups from your NAS, it is NAS management that is done by their file system. However, we have tried to hide the backup location so that it was harder to find it.

As for the QR code - we will see if some profile management would be possible.

c) Could you tell me more about what you would like to see in these options? Estimated time of the end of the backup? "Do not back up on battery"?

For the Network we have a choice whether you would like to back up using Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and mobile.

d) Currently we do not plan to introduce the file versions view in the mobile app. The deleted files are available in all versions.

The backup versions can be see in the dashboard - - Dashboard - choose device - Recover.

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Sorry for the late reply - forgot to subscribe to the topic






Of course everybody on the NAS can delete folders. But if you create a folder/share with only admin rights that could be prevented. But that wasnt my point.

My problem is that everybody with access to the web page can do admin tasks like delete backup sets and therefore data. A simple .htaccess can prevent this but then access to the QR code is restricted too. I saved the code and disabled webserver what is a smart workaround for this leak.


- Do not backup, if on Battery / if Battery is below x %.

- Only backup if connected to certain wifi.

- Only backup on a certain time.


Too bad.




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Also there is no need for users to see other useres devices in the restore tab.

Maybe there is a better solution too. I have about 20 users who see alle backups.

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Hi John,

Just wanted to comment on there is no need for users to see other useres devices in the restore tab - the logic behind that is that users who share the same Acronis account are usually family members. As Acronis True Image is targeted on personal users, not businesses, there is no accounts\access management like in Acronis Backup 12.5 for example. 

Thank you,

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Serious? You dont care about security in a private network?


What happens to Guest user?

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You cannot access the Online Dashboard without knowing the login and password details from the account. In addition to that, every single backup archive can be protected with the password (if you haven't set up password protection yet, you'll need to create a fresh backup - unfortunately it's not possible to add password protection to the existing archive).


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Topic missed


The Online Dashboard can be access by all users within the same network, or -whats even worse- in the case when the webserver is exposed to the external internet, by everyone!