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Android login problems?

Thread needs solution
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So I bought a new Lenovo computer. I need a copy of my image as I will be messing around a bit. Acronis seems nice, so im considering to buy it. 250GB cloud storage? Great! I install it on my PC and I thought lets also back up my phone while we are at it. I got a Samsung S5 neo. I install the Acronis Backup app from the store. Try to log into my trial account that I activated from my PC. Dosnt want to log in with the email and password. Why cant my phone log into this account? I googled it a bit and saw others also have this problem, but I didnt see any obvious way to fix it. 

Can you answer how to fix this? Thanks!

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I can only suggest to raise this question about why your Acronis account credentials are not accepted for using in the Acronis Mobile app on your Android phone directly with Acronis Support - I am assuming that you are getting the credentials correct when entering it, using the correct case for letters etc?

Can you log in to your Acronis account on the web from a browser?