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Android Mobile Backup: Probleme mit Bildern. Mobile Backup faild at pictures

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das Android Mobile Backup von Bildern ~3.tsd Dateien, auf einen PC schlägt fehl. Kontakten, Videos etc. klappt dagegen.
Meldung: Der Service ist aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten nicht verfügbar oder das Abonnement ist abgelaufen.
Beides kann nicht die Ursache sein.
Gibt es irgendwelche Ideen zu der Ursache.
Grüße, Gerd

the Android mobile backup of pictures (almost 3000 images) to a PC always failed. Contacts, Videos, etc. works.
Message: The Service ist not avbailable due to maintanence or the subscription is expired. But both can not be the root cause.
Any ideas?
Best regards, Gerd

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Hello Gerd,

thank you for your posting! Sorry to know you've faced this issue, you are correct the message is wrong and doesn't point to the root cause of the issue. The development team is currently working on fixing this issue, I'll clarify the latest status with the responsible product manager.  Generally, we suggest the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Please uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile device and install the latest version
2. Reboot your mobile device
3. Connect both the PC and mobile in the same WiFi network
4. Create a new backup

If the issue persists,

1) Share the error screenshot from the mobile device
2) Send feedback from the mobile device mentioning your email address (so that we can quickly find your feedback)
3) Share OS version on mobile device and PC
4). System report from Acronis True Image 2020 on your PC (could be also sent as a feedback, see