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Backing up mobile devices to a NAS

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I upgraded to TrueImage 2018 specifically because of the backup to NAS feature. However, after purchase, now that I'm trying to back up an iphone to my NAS, I find out I need to install a program on the NAS, and that, of all the NAS devices available, only two brands are compatible. That is not backing up to a NAS, that is backing up to two brands of devices. So, how do I back up my iphone to my FreeNAS?

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Hello CBailey,

You are right, only 2 models of NAS are supported - QNAP and Synology.

All the supported versions are listed here:

Currently we do not support other NAS vendors but I have noted your feedback about the FreeNAS support.

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I will add my vote for support for the FreeNAS platform.  FreeNAS uses plugin apps much like what the Synology and QNAP devices use so porting that to FreeNAS which is based on FreeBSD Linux should not be that difficult.