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Backup Home Screen

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Can you back up the layout of the icons on an Android phone's home screen using Acronis True Image 2017?

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Hi Rick,

No, due to limitations of access to the Anroid and iOS file systems, Acronis can only backup user data.  

56523: Acronis True Image Cloud: Backing Up Mobile Devices

Acronis True Image for mobile devices supports iOS 8.x and Android 4.1+ and 5.x.

The application allows you to back up your data to Acronis cloud, access and recover it:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Messages - available on Android (to back up SMSs; the app does not back up messages received with messengers like WhatsApp, Hangouts or others)
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No, we can backup photos, videos, audio, contacts, events and message only 

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Rick Summon wrote:
Can you back up the layout of the icons on an Android phone's home screen using Acronis True Image 2017?

Apple limits what third-party apps have access to, so it's not possible to backup many system settings such as layout.

Someone is welcome to tell me that I'm missing something, but truly I don't see the point of using a third-party tool to backup an Apple mobile device. Apple's own backup includes much more that a third-party app can. I backup my iPhone to iTunes on my PC, and to iCloud. The iPhone backup to iTunes is then of course included in the Acronis True Image backups I make of my PC. Those backups include screen layout and most other system settings, as well as personal data and files such as photos and contacts. I see no value to instead, or even additionally, using a third-party tool that does not include as much as the Apple backups.

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Ditto to Tuttle.  What can be backed up in Android and iOS with Acronis is listed in post #1 up above - that's it, nothing more, nothing less.  

I'm with Tuttle on the third party backups for mobile devices.  If they can't backup everything, I don't see the point either.  If the original OEM does the backup better, why not just use there's?  Then back up those backups with Acronis for safekeeping.  

Apple and Android are locked own unless jailbroken or rooted, but Acronis and other backup products don't gain access to iOS or Android system files when jailbroken or rooted anyway as legit software companies won't support security flaws/exploits in another legitimate product.