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Cannot find restored file after recovery on android mobile

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Dear experts,

I am trying to recover (incidentally deleted) a file from a backup on a QNAP TS-251 (Acronis Trie Image 1.0.1 on the QNAP Server) with my mobile (Huawei Mate20 with Acronis Mobile 5.0.3 build 560), but it does not seem to work.

Backup process seems to work smoothly. I can access the backup from my mobile, and I am able to read all backed-up content. If I select the file that I want to recover I get a large button "RECOVERY". After pressing, I am prompted whether I want to recover all elements or whether I would like to skip existing items. In my case, it should not matter which one I chose (file was deleted on my mobile). Next screen is to allow access to my SD card, which I confirm. On this screen there is a note that the file should be recovered into the root directory ("Stammverzeichnis") of the SD card.

After this, I seem to get a an empty folder on my screen. (In the middle of the screen it says "no elements".

Has the recovery process worked now, and if yes, where is the restored file located?

Thanks for your help!

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Hello Andreas,

the recovery procedure should look as follows

1 Select the media files to recover

2 Select the mode

3 Tap Give access

4 Tap Select 

If nothing is displayed here, you may need to tap the menu icon in the left upper corner and select the SD card, see image below.


6 Tap Allow - Recovery process will start after that. All recovered images can be found in their original places.