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connection error

Thread needs solution
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Hello Acronis Community
I have True Image 2020 on my computer and use it successfully for cloud backups.
Now i have downloaded Acronis Ture Image for Android but each time i try to log in to "Back up to Cloud" i get an error message, "connection error". I have double checked the mail and password and have even changed the password but i get the same error everytime though the email and password are indeed correct.
Since i already have a valid account registered with Acronis i assume that i can skip to register a new one on the True Image android app.
What have i missed?

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Hello Hacen Debbab,

thank you for your posting! I'd start with the troubleshooting steps outlined in 59581: Acronis True Image: troubleshooting mobile backup

Make sure you are using the mobile application of Acronis True Image:

If you have downloaded Acronis Backup, you need to delete this app and download Acronis True Image mobile app instead. Acronis Backup is the app for Acronis Backup 12.5 - a business backup solution by Acronis.

If nothing helps, please raise a support ticket for investigation